Bluenose: The Legend Lives is a 360° cinematic experience delivered inside a 50-foot geodesic dome located on the Halifax Waterfront a few steps from the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic. The immersive experience allows participants feel the magic of the Bluenose story as you glide along Nova Scotia’s magnificent coastline. From the top of the mainmast to the tip of the bowsprit, down to the crew’s quarters, participants are immersed in a piece of living, floating history.

Created in 2012, the Canadian Maritime Heritage Foundation is a charitable organization committed to supporting the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic—Canada’s oldest and largest Maritime museum. Through fundraising and programs, the CMHF aims to advance the public’s education about Maritime heritage in Atlantic Canada.

With KA’NATA Productions Inc. and the creative team of Brookes Diamond, Fiona Diamond and Jac Gautreau, the CMHF is proud to present a world-class visitor experience to the Halifax Waterfront. Bluenose: The Legend Lives celebrates the Bluenose II, re-establishing her brand as the flagship of Nova Scotia and our long and proud association with the sea.